Tree Trunk Protectors


Tree Trunk protector 5000-12000kg


Tree Trunk Protectors 5000-12000 Kg

HULK 4×4

A Tree Trunk Protectors is the perfect most Effective Recovery tool -5000-12000kg Is an Essential, without Damaging the tree and Environment Around You.

  • A tree trunk protector is a must for anyone doing any winching as it not only protects the tree from being ring barked but will also protect the winch rope from damage. You will be able to Confidently approach your next 4wding adventure knowing you can safely get out of any difficult situation with the thunder recovery Tree-Trunk Protector-5000-12000kg. Thunder is the perfect Four Wheel driving companion for any weekend escape.

Tree trunk protectors are designed to protect the tree used as an anchor point for your recovery. If you use anything other than a tree trunk protector, you risk damaging both the tree and your winching line and over time may also cause the tree to die.

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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 8 cm