Solar Battery KIT


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 Solar Battery KIT

Battery not included can buy separately from this website.

Solar Battery KIT comes with a Drivetech 200W Foldable Solar Blanket with a carry bag. and a battery box, Includes PWM regulator & wiring kit.

Solar Battery Kit comes with a Battery Box with external studs No Tools Required to connect the solar panel or battery charger.

Comes with a power supply socket with easy setup all wiring that’s needed comes with kit. The Battery fits into the box easy connect put lid on, put the Webbing strap around to secure the box for picking it up.

Battery box internal Size Length 325 mm Width 185 mm Height 185 mm.

Put the solar panel in the sun connect the solar panel to the regulator supplied, connect the wire with the alligator clips to the Battery Box studs RED to RED and BLACK to BLACK, and plug the Solar panel to the Regulator all set to go.  Plug your fridge or other 12-volt device in and turn it on.

Picture does not necessarily Show correct brand either Projector or The Ark Battery box. It is Impact resistant, has a Battery Condition Indicator. Accessory socket, 10 Amp Circuit breaker reset switch.

Carrying Handle designed for one hand carry, so you don’t have to touch the Battery. Easy Battery Charging, Lock Box Together with a Webbing Strap Supplied.

Can also use to Jump Start Your car or Four-Wheel Drive if you have a Flat Battery Jumper Leads Not Supplied



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