Snatch Block


9000KG Snatch block THUNDER


Snatch Block 8000kg

This Snatch Block Will Effectively double the capacity of your winch by reducing the workload.  The snatch block has a 8,000 kg working load limit (WLL), a 15,000kg minimum breaking strength and can be used for rope or cables between 8 mm and 13 mm. Snatch Block 8000kg also increases the versatility of the winch by changing the angles you winch from.

Details of this Snatch Block


Brand: Maxi Trac, Drive tech, Hulk, depending on what’s in stock.

Unit of Measure EACH

Description Snatch Block 8000 Kg

Warranty One Year

Note Suits 8 mm to 13 mm rope or cable, 15000 KG Breaking Strain

Weight 2.5kg Rated Capacity 8000 Kg×4-recovery-exhaust-jack/

Must have for any great Four Wheel driving adventures the Snatch Block


Additional information

Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 30 × 6 cm