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Introducing Rock Lights – Your Perfect Illumination Companion

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Introducing Rock Lights – Your Perfect Illumination Companion

Rock Lights, proudly brought to you by 4WD Lights and Camping, are the epitome of efficiency and style. Each light produces 3 watts of power and features three LEDs, making these compact luminaires, Model ALO-Y-2-K, highly effective at lighting your path.

Rock Lights

Measuring a mere 2″ (70 mm) in width, they sport a robust black aluminum housing that ensures durability and longevity. These lights boast a pristine light color of 5700K and a clear lens, thereby demonstrating their engineering to precisely meet your lighting needs. Additionally, they include a 30-degree rubber mount, enabling you to easily direct the illumination downward.

Key Features of Rock Lights:

  • Utilizing Cree LEDs, these lights promise exceptional performance and longevity, with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • They operate within a versatile 9-36 Volt range, catering to a wide range of vehicles and applications.
  • Enjoy instant on/off functionality with no warm-up time, ensuring you have immediate access to reliable lighting.
  • Rock Lights are built to withstand extreme conditions, with an operating temperature range of -40~+80 degrees Centigrade.
  • The lights maintain power efficiency, they ensure minimal power consumption while delivering maximum brightness.
  • Achieving an impressive IP68 waterproof rating, they’re ready to tackle any weather condition without a hitch.
  • Rock Lights have undergone rigorous testing, including high and low-temperature trials, vibration tests, UV resistance assessments, and trials against salt, fog, sand, and dust.
  • Certified with E-mark, CE, RoHS, IP68, and SAE, these lights meet the highest industry standards.

Versatile Usage:

These Lights are your trusted companions across various terrains and applications, including off-road adventures, snowmobile excursions, agriculture, mining operations, and power sports activities.

Kit Contents of these Rock Lights:

  • One mini Rock Light LED, ensuring a complete lighting solution.
  • A 30-degree mounting rubber, facilitating easy installation and adjustment.
  • 2 screws with nuts, simplifying the setup process.
  • A warranty card to assure you of the quality and reliability of our Lights.

Illuminate your path with confidence, style, and efficiency using these Lights from 4WD Lights and Camping. Designed to excel in demanding conditions and built to last, these lights are your gateway to a brighter and safer journey. in conclusion equip your vehicle with the best in the business and experience superior illumination whenever and wherever you need it. Invest in these Lights today for a lighting solution that sets the standard for excellence.

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