Porta Potti 565E


Porta Potti 565E EXCELLENCE

Thetford Caravan Toilet Portable ELECTRIC Flush


Porta Potti 565E EXCELLENCE

Thetford Caravan Toilet Portable ELECTRIC Flush

The Porta Potti 565E toilet fulfill the wishes of the mid and high end of the portable toilet market.

The Porta Potti 565E shows added value for the end users by the new and innovative design, high quality and extra features. The position of this toilet is in the higher end of the leisure market, often oriented on a domestic use of the toilet.

Porta Potti 565E Details:

Portable Toilet, Toilet Roll Holder.

Suitable For Camping, Caravan.

Portable Camping Toilet.

Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year.

Why choose the Porta Potti 565E – Electric?

Modern design, more homelike toilet shape.
Comfortable seating height (443 mm).
Bigger bowl size, mainly in dept and width.
Water level indication
Integrated toilet paper holder.
Cover controls (electric pump, water fill cap, water level indication).
User friendly valve handle at side.
Improved carry handle of the water tank.
Optional hold down floor plate for fixation (e.g. boats).

Flushing System

Electric Pump

Flush water tank volume

15 L

Flush Water Tank Level Indication


Average use of ml water when flushing the toilet

100 – 200ml for urine, 150 – 300ml for faeces (average of 75 flushes before flush water tank is empty)

Waste Holding Tank Level Indication


Waste-holding tank volume

21 L

Outside measurements: Toilet (H x W x D)

448 x 388 x 450 mm

Outside measurements: Waste holding tank (H x W x D)

316 x 388 x 450 mm

Outside measurements: Flush water tank (H x W x D)

237 x 388 x 450 mm

Seating height

443 mm

Maximum loading

120 Kg

Product weight

5.0 Kg




Additional information

Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 47 × 49 × 49 cm