NOCO Boost X-Connect Adapter


NOCO Boost X-Connect Adapter


NOCO Boost X-Connect Adapter

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NOCO Boost X-Connect Adaptor

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NOCO boost X-Connect Adapter, the Genius eyelet cable with X-Connect adapter features a heavy-duty mountable eyelet design for automotive and power sport applications. Mount the eyelets to the battery for quick access to both charging and jump starting. Remove the adapter from the eyelets to connect directly to either the GB20, GB30, GB40, or GB50 Boost models, or connect the adapter to the eyelets to allow for plug-n-play with Genius Chargers. The NOCO Adapter eyelets were designed to efficiently transfer maximum current flow with minimal power loss, and the silicone insulation is suited for both heat stability and flexibility in cold weather applications. (CHARGER AND JUMP STARTER SOLD SEPARATELY)

Code: GBC007

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 cm