Lithium Battery


Lithium Battery 100AH with Bluetooth LiFePO4


Lithium Battery 100Ah with Bluetooth

NPL12-100BT 100Ah

Product Information for this Lithium Battery

Weight 13.2 kg
Dimensions 306 × 168 × 215 mm
C10 Rate 100AH

Features of this Lithium Battery:

Lithium Battery Bluetooth Prismatic LiFePO4 cells, High consistency, long cycle life and much more safety.
UN38.3, CE certification for system. The cycle life over 3500 times @80%DOD
Neuton Power (12.8V) LFP – Bluetooth (BT) Series.

Neuton Power NPL12-100/BT: Neuton Power NPL12-100FT/BT: Front Terminal (Slim Design) No: Yes: Cell: 3.2V 100AH: 3.2V 100AH: Cell Series & Parallels: 4S1P: 4S1P: Rated Voltage: 12.8V: Rated Capacity: 100 AH: 100 AH: Rated Energy: 1.28 KWh: 1.28 KWh: Max Charge Current A: 100A: Recommended Charge Current A: 50A: Max Discharge Current A: 100A: Life Cycle @25 celcius,0.5C/0.25C,80%DOD >3500.

BMS Specification

The battery 12v integrates LiFePO4 type Battery Management System (BMS) inside which can monitor
and optimize each single prismatic cell during charge & discharge and protect the battery pack from
overcharge, over discharge, high temperature, low temperature and short circuit. Overall, the BMS
helps to ensure safe and accurate operation of the battery.

The Bluetooth communication is provided to monitor battery information.

NEUTON POWER Lithium Battery 12.8V 100AH With Bluetooth

Terminals: M8

Model & overall Specs Neuton Power NPL12-100/BT Neuton Power NPL12-100FT/BT
Front Terminal (Slim Design) No Yes
Cell 3.2V 100AH 3.2V 100AH
Cell  Series & Parallels 4S1P 4S1P
Rated Voltage 12.8V
Rated Capacity 100 AH 100 AH
Rated Energy 1.28 KWh 1.28 KWh
Max Charge Current A 100A
Recommended Charge Current A 50A
Max Discharge Current A 100A
Life Cycle @25 celcius,0.5C/0.25C,80%DOD >3500
Warranty Period 5 Yr or 3000 cycles
End of discharge voltage 11.2V
Operating temperature-Charge 0~50 °C
Operating temperature-Discharge -20~55 °C
IP Rating IP65
Series Support <=4
Parallel Support <=2
Bluetooth connectivity Yes

1. 80% DOD and to 80% of initial capacity.
2. To install Bluetooth App, search “Neuton Power” at Apple App store or Google play.

more details and a bar code you can scan to get the APP click this link Datasheet 12.8V 40Ah-Neuton Power.indd (

Additional information

Weight 13.3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 18 × 23 cm