LED Umbrella Light


LED Umbrella Light Olight Haloop


LED Umbrella Light

Olight Haloop Rechargeable Umbrella Light – 600Lm

The LED Umbrella Light Olight Haloop is a UFO-like rechargeable metal umbrella light. It offers two light colors, orange and white light. The 360-degree soft light beam covers a large area.

With the 8800mAh rechargeable battery pack, it will last throughout the night.

The wide-range clamp fits almost all patio umbrella poles, whereas the hooks and binding strap make it a natural fit on any patio and at any camping site.

Features of this LED Umbrella Light

Dual Light Sources.

8800mAh Battery Pack.

Power Bank Function.

360-degree Premium Light.

Metal UFO Design.


LED: 1900-2000k in orange light & 5000-5500 k in white light.

Battery: 18500*4 3.6 V 8800 mAh 31.68 Wh.

Charge type: USB-C Charging Cable.

Beam Distance: 30m

Max Performance: 600 lumen.

Waterproof: IPX5.

Dimensions: 204mm (L) x 198mm (W) x 96.5mm (H).

Weight: 950g

Lumens/Runtime of this LED Umbrella Light:
White Light (High): 600~300~150 lumens / 20+260+230 min

White Light (Low): 200 lumens / 11hours

Orange Light (High): 200~100 lumens / 8 hours+6 hours.

Orange Light (Low): 10 lumens /180 hours.



1 x Olight Haloop.

2 x Binding Strap.

1 x Binding Strap Adapter.

1 x USB-C Charging Cable.

Comes with a User Manual.

Warranty:2 years.

Max Performance: 600 lumens Waterproof: IPX5 Dimensions: 204mm (L) x 198mm (W) x 96.5mm (H) Weight: 950g

Olight design quality and functional lights that are innovative and will improve your lives with light. They offer a large range of torches, from key ring torches to search lights to gun mounted lights.

 Power Bank Function: The Type-C output port works well as a power bank to keep your phones, pads, or cameras alive.





Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 11 cm