Gold Detectors for Sale


Deep Metal and Gold Detecting also has a separate PinPointer


Gold Detectors for Sale

Deep Metal Pinpointer Sensitive Searching Gold Digger Treasure Hunter

DESCRIPTION of this Gold Detectors for Sale:

Gold Detectors for Sale start your search and you could discover a fortune with our highly sensitive Metal Detector and Pinpointer. Great for combing beaches, forests, parks or even your backyard, the metal detector features three detection modes that distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals like silver and gold.

It operates at a very low frequency and a sensitivity level of up to 220mm. And with its pinpoint function, the detector is deadly accurate and precise. Not least, an easy-to-read LCD display relays all the useful data to help with your detection.

The search coil is waterproof to allow underwater detection and the shaft can be adjusted to suit your height preference. Handy arm support and anti-slip hand grip provide prolonged comfort, while the included headphones help to assist you aurally in your discovery trails. Better still, the kit now comes with a bonus shovel with carry bag and sand scoop to make your search totally convenient.

The pin pointer has 360° side-scan detection with maximum sensitivity of 40mm for an accurate find. Use it indoors or outdoors or even in water with its waterproof tip of up to 10 cm immersion in water. The one-button operation makes it easy to use and the guiding LED lights and built-in vibrating alarm helps to indicate your proximity to the searched item. The pin pointer also has a low battery indicator for hassle-free detection. At only 27cm in length, it is extremely lightweight and also comes with a flashlight and belt holster for treasure hunting anytime, anywhere.

Hesitate no more. The treasure hunt is on with our Metal Detector and Pinpointer.

NOTE: The effective range of this product is from 105 cm to 120 cm. Beware of models in the market that falsely claim beyond this range.

Features of this Gold Detectors for Sale:

Metal detector with a waterproof search coil
LCD display
Super slow sweep identification
Variable S-rod shaft length
Adjustable sensitivity
Six target categories
Target numeric indication
DISC numeric indication
Adjustable backlight
Low battery indication
With pinpoint function
Headphones, shovel, sand scoop and carry bag included

Waterproof tip
360° side-scan detection
Proximity vibrating alarm and LED indicators
One-touch operation
Auto balance
Low power consumption
Solid construction
Low battery indicator
Belt holster included

Metal detector
Frequency: 6.5 kHz approx.
Maximum sensitivity: 220 mm
Diameter of search coil: 250 mm
Adjustable length: 105 cm-120 cm
Required battery: 2 x 9 V (not included)
Net weight: 1.07 kg
Colour: Black

Pinpointer Frequency: 12 kHz approx.
Maximum sensitivity: 40 mm
Required battery: 1 x 9 V (not included).
Overall length: 27 cm
Net weight: 0.14 kg
Colour: Black

Package Contents:
LCD Metal Detector
1/8″ Headphones
Sand scoop
Carry bag
Belt Holster

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Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 5 cm