Gabriel Shock Strut G51793


Gabriel Shock Strut G51793



Gabriel Shock Strut G51793


Gabriel Shock Strut G51793 Gabriel® Ultra Shock Absorbers feature their proprietary developed G-Force™ Technology, yielding the perfect combination of safety and performance that the modern driver yearns for. Gabriel’s Ultra series of shock absorbers are filled with high-pressure nitrogen gas, giving quicker response with reduced variation in performance due to temperatures (yes – shock absorbers get hot as they do their job). Combined with a special super-finish on the chromed piston road, and leak-proof piston seal, the Ultra series shocks have a superior performance and service life.

StableSteer™ Valving – improves contact between tire and the road by minimising impact from bumps.

Has a Single-Lip Oil Seal – OEM designed minimising friction whilst providing optimal protection.

Intelligent material choice – DOM (or Drawn Over Mandrel) Tubing combined with a sintered iron piston translates to ultimate strength, but high resistance to sudden shock forces.

Gabriel Shock Strut G51793

With over a 100 years experience at the forefront of shock absorber development, accumulating a long list of industry firsts, Gabriel is renowned for advancing the quality, performance and comfort of shock absorbers in a broad range of segments. Whether you are after a decent set of factory replacements optimised for ride and safety or a more performance focused package offering uncompromising grip and handling, Very likely Gabriel likely has a solution to suit your needs.




Vehicle Mount Dates Location
TOYOTA FORTUNER 4WD GU156R 2.8L SUV 11/15 – on Front SS Means spring seat shock
HILUX 2WD GUN136 7/15 – on Front
HILUX 4WD GGN25R, KUN26R 150 Series 4/05 – 9/15 Front
TOYOTA HILUX 4WD GGN125, GUN125, GUN126 7/15 – on Front

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 8 × 8 cm