Dual USB Socket


Hulk Quick Charge QC3.0 Dual USB Socket
Input: 8-32V DC
Range Port 1: 2.4amp @ 5V
Range Port 2: QC3.0, 3.6-12V Max 18W
Protective Rubber Cap
Hole Size: 29mm
Illumination Colour: Blue


DUAL USB SOCKET PORT A- 5v 2.4 amp PORT B- QC3.0 3.6-12 volt 18 watt

Dual USB Socket is a Quick Charge QC3.0

Dual USB Socket Input: 8-32 Volt DC. Dual USB Socket great extra USB for the car, four wheel drive, charge up phones or batteries or the kids games easy fit for an auto electrician or yourself.
Port 1: 2.4 amp @ 5 Volt.
Range Port 2: QC 3.0, 3.6-12 Volt Max 18 Watt.
Protective Rubber Cap.
Hole Size: 29 mm.
Illumination Color: Blue.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 cm