Battery Box and Battery


Battery Box and Battery 120 AH


Battery Box and Battery 120AH


Battery Box and Battery a powerful battery to a formidable power station. That is what our GIANTZ Deep Cycle Battery and Battery Box combo can do. On its own, the 120Ah 12V battery features an incredible cycle life of up to 1400 cycles. What you get is a longer, consistent and more drawn out charge all the time. And with its advanced AGM technology, the battery enables better electrolyte absorption, cyclic stability and frequent charging without affecting performance.

The bolt-down terminals also allow for a more reliable experience, and not least, the high oxygen-recombination efficiency results in superior deep discharge recovery.

More Details about the Battery Box and Battery

And not to be outdone, the battery box easily fits the battery and together, they can power up a host of 12V devices including camping lights and portable fridges with its cigarette lighter socket as well as mobile phones and tablets with the two USB ports. The box itself can be charged using solar panels or any power source with its quick-connect Anderson plugs.

More things To Know

Better still, the box comes pre-wired, so all you need to do is connect to the deep cycle battery terminals and it is good to go. More power to you. That is definitely true with the GIANTZ deep cycle battery and battery box.


Please charge the battery on receiving it even if the battery will not be used in the near future.2. Maintenance-free means the terminals need not be refilled. However, the battery must be recharged periodically after use.3. It is advised to charge the battery every 3 months if not in use for long periods. 


This is to prevent over-discharging of the battery which will cause irreparable damage to it.4. AGM deep cycle batteries have a much longer cycle life if they are exhausted to a small degree and then recharged, rather than draining all their power and recharging all the away.

120 Ah battery: Greater cycle life.
Max. cycle life of 1400 cycles.
Industry-leading build life.
Higher sulfation resistance.
Longer storage life.
Superior deep discharge recovery.
Better low temperature performance.
High oxygen-recombination efficiency.
Advanced AGM technology.
Spill-proof, leak-proof and non-gassing.
Bolt-down terminals.
Convenient carry handle.
Battery box: Protective and portable.
Digital voltage indicator.
10A resettable circuit breaker.

Two USB ports.
Cigarette lighter socket.
Anderson plugs.
Positive and negative terminals.
Sturdy housing
Heavy-duty carry handles.
Tie down strap.

120 Ah battery: Overall dimensions: 33cm x 17.1cm x 21.6cm
Approx. weight: 25kg
Container material: ABS
Terminals: bolt-down
Nominal voltage: 12V
Rated capacity (10-hour rate): 120 Ah.
Maximum cycle life: 1400 cycles (@30% DOD).
Minimum build life: 7 Years
Internal resistance: Approx. 5.4mΩ
Maximum discharge current: 1080A (5s).
Maximum charge current: 22.5A.
Operating temperature ranges:
Discharge: -15°C to 50°C
Charge: -20°C to 50°C.
Storage: -20°C to 50°C.
Capacity affected by temperature: 40°C = 102% | 25°C = 100% | 0°C = 85% | -15°C = 65%.
Float charge: 13.5 to 13.8V.
Equalize charge: 13.8 to 14.1V.
Cycle charge: 14.4 to 15.0V
Self-discharge 3% of capacity declined per month at 25°C.

Battery box:
Dimensions: 43.5cm x 25.5cm x 30cm
Inner dimensions: 36cm x 20.5cm x 24cm

Package Contents:
Deep cycle battery x1
1 x Battery box
1 x User instructions


Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 44 × 22.5 × 24 cm