Backbone Mount RECONN-DECK



Backbone Mount RECONN-DECK


Part No: RD-FK4

Backbone Mount Reconn-Deck ™ Ranger PX Fit Kit

Backbone Mount RECONN-DECK built with durability in mind, the Backbone™ Mount Reconn-Deck™ for Ranger maximises your ute tub storage without compromising the safety of all your cargo. City crash and static load tested to ISO standards, the Reconn-Deck with Fit Kit has a total dynamic system load rating up to 105kg on and off-road, and a static load rating up to 250kg.

This Reconn-Deck fit kit includes Backbone brackets and hardware to mount the Reconn-Deck system onto a Ford Ranger. Maximise your storage in style and Make Space for Adventure with Reconn-Deck.

*Refer to the complete system online load rating calculator to obtain the cargo carrying capacity.


Up to 250kg static load rating.

Up to 105kg total system on and off-road dynamic load rating.

Uses factory mounting holes where possible.

City crash and static load tested to ISO standards by independent labs.

Extensively durability tested to confirm vehicle suitability.

Designed and engineered in Australia.

Refer to the Reconn-Deck™ page for further information.

For vehicles with tonneau covers and other tub accessories, these will need to be removed before installing Reconn-Deck™

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Specifications for Backbone Mount RECONN-DECK:

Package length: 500 mm.
Width of Package: 220 mm.
Package height: 30 mm.
Colour: Black.
Dynamic System Load Rating: Up to 105kg.
Product Weight: 10.2kg.: Static Load Rating Up to 250kg.

Additional information

Weight 10.4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 22 × 4 cm