Recovery Tracks


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Recovery Tracks

X-BULL 4×4 Recovery tracks Sand tracks KIT Carry bag mounting pin Sand/Snow/Mud 10T 4WD OLIVE Gen 3.0

4×4 Recovery Tracks Details:

4×4 Recovery Tracks are easy to carry, fix and use of recovery tracks. Can be used with XBULL mounting pins. More in line with our usage habits.

X-BULL GEN 3.0 KIT 2 Recovery tracks
New combination, more convenient! 

Tough Leashes:
XBULL leashes are not free, so the selection and production are better than those on the market.
We have two styles; one is the simple type and the other is the professional type with iron buckle. Any choice is made to match your habits. Selection is based on the recovery tracks kit you order.

XBULL Stickers:
We collected suggestions from our customers and designed five stickers specifically for XBULL TRACKS. There\’s always one for you.

1.Nylon Mix true MAX
XBULL special Nylon material has advantages of toughness, tensile strength, compressive strength, anti-fatigue, anti-corrosion. Thermostability and UV resistance.
GEN 3.0 has enhanced flexibility.

2.U-shape Design& Rivet design
The Rivets of gen3.0 are designed with different contact surfaces in different positions, allowing the wheels to fit easily to the XBULL TRACKS at any angle and thus get out of the predicament. Designed not only for good looks, but also for practicality.
The unique u-shaped reinforced design on the surface increases the stability of the product.

3.Multifunctional Design
The slope of the GEN3.0 XBULL tracks design at both ends is the conclusion of many practices. We’ve designed it so that we can grip the tires quickly and easily. At the same time, they can be used as real shovels when you’re stuck in sand or mud.

4.Loading capacity
Sand/snow/mud grips on underside of track for non-slip applications can accommodate vehicles up to 10 tons.

Heavy duty and UV-resistant anti-tarnishing.

6.The handle designs
The design of this handle adopts the principle of ergonomics, making you hold it more comfortably.

Size: 1060mm x 310mm x 60mm
Material: Reinforced strong nylon
Specification: 10 Ton load capacity on flat ground
CTN Size: 110 x36 x13cm

XBULL Mounting Pins Details

These mounting hardware’s will securely be mounting your X-BULL recovery tracks on a roof rack or bars.

recovery tracks

The set includes 4 pins which can securely hold 2-X-BULL recovery tracks, 8 iron nuts and 8 flat iron washers.
The new hardware’s had been upgraded, added anti-rust coating material, so the color of the products received will be darker than those in the picture

How to install it?
Place the nuts and recovery tracks on the roof rack, and then fix the black plastic plate and tighten the nuts

Size: 13.8X10.8X6.2CM
Weight: 0.72kg
Nuts and flat washer are included

In the box

2*PCS Recovery Tracks
Set of Stickers
2*basic Leashes
1*New Tote
Set of Mounting Pins

Here are their core differences:
Gen3.0 has a longer length, and the unique rivet design is more wear-resistant and lasts longer. Suitable for use in any terrain or any off-road situation, it is a recovery track with strong comprehensive capabilities.

Gen 2.0

The advantage of GEN2.0 is the unique rivet arrangement and density, which makes the friction stronger and can be easily used by anyone. It is lightweight and easy to carry while ensuring quality and is suitable for a variety of daily off-road activities.


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