1500mm Titan Tray



1500mm Titan Tray with Ridge Mount – TKRM315801-TM

Includes New MKIII Titan Tray (Red Package) – Track Mounting


The 1500mm Titan Tray with Ridge Mount kit is designed to work together to spread the load and maximise your carrying capacity and is designed for vehicles with existing aftermarket tracks. It is also strong and easy to install but most importantly they look perfect together. This kit is specifically tailored for your vehicle, ensuring the perfect fit and a seamless design.

Ridge Mount is finished with Stipple Powder Coat and made from Stainless Steel, it is both durable & lightweight and able to withstand the elements and anything you throw at it. The MKIII Titan Tray is also finished with stipple powder coat to match Ridge Mount perfectly.

The MKIII Titan Tray has increased the versatility of the existing Titan Tray with new dual channels on top of newly adjustable planks, corner entry points increase usable channel space and new under plank attachment points for “S” and “J” hooks. Along with this new versatility, the tray has strengthened with Tray Rating increasing from 300kg to 400kg* yet it’s still light weight.

Ridge Mount also comes with a provision to secure electrical cables and have them hidden from line of sight. Cut-outs on the Ridge Mount not only make it lightweight and stylish, but also allow you to install LED lights for your adventures.

* Load rating is vehicle specific, ensure you check your vehicles load rating and note that off road capacity may be less than on road.

Features of this 1500mm Titan Tray:

Ridge Mount made from Stainless steel.

Stipple powder coat finish on Tray and Ridge Mount.

Ridge mount cut out for embedding work lights.

Provision for securing cables on Ridge Mount.

Dual Channels on top of each plank of tray.

Under plank attachments for “S” and “J” hooks.

Corner entry points on top channels.

Simple assembly with flat pack delivery of Titan Tray.

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Specifications of this 1500mm Titan Tray:

Mounting Style: After Market Tracks
Rack Height from Roof/Gutter/Rail: 135mm
Dimensions: 1500 x 1200mm
Weight: 17.5kg
Application: All Road
Warranty: 5 Years
Special Comments: Check vehicle owner’s manual for roof carrying capacity
Fits these vehicles


Additional information

Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 155 × 40 × 40 cm